What is abacus maths program?


Do you want your child to become a maths expert?  Then you need to search for a professional abacus maths program.

Now, let us understand what is abacus maths program –

Abacus maths program is an extremely innovative program which helps your kids to enjoy learning maths through technology.  Your abacus maths program will be offered by online abacus maths classes. Abacus maths program will help your kids to become a maths genius through online animated games, videos, a virtual abacus tool and various soft learning materials.

What is the use of abacus maths?  

The Use of abacus maths is widespread today in many parts of the world. It makes the process of solving mathematical problems easier for the user. Nowadays, learning maths with a abacus has become essential in the development of young sharp minds. Your kid can get an opportunity to learn maths at home.

What is included in the abacus maths program?

Generally, the Abacus maths program will include the following:

  1. Basic Calculation
  2. Small Group Addition/Subtraction
  3. Big Group Addition/Subtraction
  4. Multiplication
  5. Division
  6. Square Root & percentage

Benefits of Enrolling in online abacus maths program:

  • It improves problem solving skills
  • Photographic memory
  • Make maths meaningful
  • It performs better in other subjects


Maths is a subject that many students struggle with. It involves complex thinking patterns that can only be refined through proper introduction and training in this subject. The abacus is not a new development and has been used even before the use of the Arabic numbering system.

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